10,000 Mail-In Texas Ballots Magically Appear Four Days After Primary

Harris County, the most populated county in Texas and number three nationwide, just put on a clinic on how insecure counting ballots can be when it’s entrusted to incompetent bureaucrats.

The Office of the Election Administrator, which oversees elections in Houston, revealed on Saturday that 10,000 primary votes were uncounted in last week’s election. The office then had the gall to pat themselves on the back for “a lengthy, rigorous process” to catch their screw-up and call it proof that the process is “working as it should.”

Democrats would have you believe that election officials are as pure as the driven snow and that no one would try to cheat by adding or destroying ballots or pausing election counts. Perish the thought.

This week, the Harris County Elections Administrator, Isabel Longoria, resigned over the chaotic tabulation of votes, which included damaged ballots, ballots on the wrong size paper, an inadequate number of voting machines and supplies and incorrect ballots delivered to specific polling places.

A party-line vote in 2020 that Democrats only supported created her position and now leaders say they will conduct a “thorough search” for new leadership. In essence, they created an unelected and thus unaccountable position to oversee elections in a county of nearly 5 million.

Oh, and the magically appearing 10,000 votes! Longoria’s resignation is not effective until July 1, but with any luck, there are no runoffs results to tally between now and then.

In announcing that she is stepping down, Longoria admitted she did not “meet my standards or those set by the commissioner’s court.”

The election night performance was so mismanaged and embarrassing that even Democrats realized that issues needed correcting. Just ask Harris County party chair Odus Evbagharu. “I don’t care what party you’re part of. When you find out that 10,000 votes haven’t been uploaded to the final tabulation, I mean, you’re all going to be worried.”

The Harris County GOP has filed suit against the election office for mishandling the results in the most “egregious” and “mismanaged” election process in Texas history.
However, the Harris County Elections department responded to the Republican legal action with a statement that even taken in the best light is disingenuous. Not only do they say the filing has “many exaggerated and misleading statements” about the magically appearing 10,000 ballots, but they try to deflect attention towards SB1. This Texas legislation is attempting to enhance election security.

Calling its effects “appalling,” the Elections department statement says the suit is an attempt to “deflect” from the almost 11,000 ballots in Harris County flagged for rejection.