A Conservative Solution For Joe Biden’s National Security Strategy

The Biden Administration will publish an essential national-security policy paper that conservative national-security specialists plan to debunk early in the next decade. An alternative to the Biden Administration’s designed national security strategy book was released this week by experts from prior Republican administrations and conservative think tanks. Retired Bush-era National Security Council officials, as well as experts from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Hudson Institute (HI), and Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), are among those contacted for this report.

The project’s co-chairs told National Review that their goal was to complement and challenge the ultimate White House strategy. It is hoped that the government would use some of these approaches in their own National Security Agency (NSS). Paul Lettow, a former NSC official under George W. Bush, said this might serve as a model or standard for the NSS they prepare. Alexander Hamilton Society executive director Gabriel Scheinmann said the goal was to develop a report that will “staple to the top of Biden’s NSS whenever it is presented to a member of Congress,” as he put it.

The conservative alternative to the Biden NSS, according to Scheinmann, is “countering the Chinese Communist Party first, but not the CCP alone.” Since 1947, the president has been required to produce a national security strategy every year. However, most administrations only release one each term. The Trump Administration’s 2017 NSS was significant because it reoriented US national security strategy toward excellent power rivalry for the first time since the Cold War. Despite the lack of an official strategy statement, the White House published “interim national security strategic guidelines” in March. There are no boundaries or barriers to the fundamental issues we confront. During the previous year, Biden and his closest aides emphasized the need to enhance democracy at home, combat authoritarian regimes, and rebuild domestic strength.

Similar to FAL’s conservative approach, it appears to begin by tying national security to the problems that ordinary Americans suffer, including drug trafficking, human trafficking, cyberattacks, the lack of employment opportunities, and personal privacy concerns. Climate change is described as “a long-term danger to the economy and well-being of Americans” in the study. The focus is on the fight between the United States and China, looking at the Biden administration’s climate change policy. “Ethno-nationalist Leninist party-state that aspires to construct a tribute-state system throughout eastern Eurasia, and ultimately to challenge the United Adds for global supremacy,” the paper states, citing the Communist Party of China (CPP).