A New Book Has Provided Some Insight into Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) currently serves as the Speaker of the House, and has been working in Congress longer than some people have been on this earth.

As of late, Pelosi’s come under fire for repeatedly going over the top in singing Biden’s praises. The House Speaker has referred to the president as “perfect” on multiple occasions, despite all the problems that his policies have brought to the United States.

To this day, Pelosi also continues to support every aspect of Biden’s agenda. Quite frankly, she may actually be the strongest ally he has in Congress.

However, a book that will soon be coming out is allowing Americans to get another look at Pelosi’s time in politics, according to The Blaze.

Trouble in the House of Representatives?

Two political reporters will soon be coming out with a new book called, This Will Not Pass. The book itself focuses on the 2020 presidential election and the conclusion of former President Trump’s time in the White House.

However, “This Will Not Pass” also provides some interesting insight into Pelosi herself. According to the book, Pelosi wasn’t pleased about reportedly having to “beg” House Democrats to support her to serve as speaker for another term.

Apparently, Pelosi believed the position of House Speaker should automatically have been hers, given that she’s the only House Democrat to have previously held the position.

“This Will Not Pass” then goes on to claim that Pelosi felt like she was made to “grovel” and that her eventually becoming House Speaker again was hollow since she had to persuade her party members.

Apparently, other struggles Pelosi’s had involve making inroads with progressives, who believe the Democrat Party needs to go further to the left in order to win future elections.

More Bad News for Pelosi

If Pelosi didn’t appreciate having to persuade House Democrats into voting for her as House Speaker, then she really won’t like the outcome of the November midterms.

Right now, Republicans are well on their way to taking back the House of Representatives and likely the Senate as well. If Democrats lose the House majority, Pelosi will automatically lose her position as House Speaker.

Thus far, Pelosi’s already claimed that Democrats losing control of Congress will throw the United States’ democracy into a state of uncertainty.

In actuality, though, Democrats losing control of Congress will simply mean the return of a fair power balance in the federal government, rather than the current left-wing monopoly.