A New Mexico GOP County Official is Being Railroaded

For years on end now, conservatives have been warning that Democrats want absolute power and control over all of America’s institutions.

These warnings are backed up by Democrats calling to pack the Supreme Court, add new seats to the Senate, and pass “voting rights” laws that eliminate voter ID requirements among other things.

This is also why Democrats like Kathy Griffin have gone as far as threatening “civil war” if Republicans win the midterms.

However, left-wing efforts to keep Republicans out of power aren’t just limited to the federal level. In fact, in Otero County, New Mexico, Republican Couy Griffin is being railroaded by Democrats at multiple levels.

What’s Happening With Griffin?
Following a petty conviction over entering Capitol Hill on January 6, Griffin, the commissioner of Otero County, is now banned from serving in office at the federal or state levels.

This campaign to rip down the New Mexico Republican was set in place by an AstroTurf organization. However, a left-wing judge ultimately solidified this push with a ruling that keeps Griffin out of office.

Conservatives have responded to this by warning Griffin was ultimately targeted by a witch hunt. The ruling against Griffin charged him with supposedly meeting the 14th Amendment’s definition of “insurrection.”

Due to this ruling, Griffin must immediately leave his role as the Otero County commissioner. Unfortunately, room for recourse against this decision appears slim to none.

Police State Politics
From the August raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate to the recent railroading of Couy Griffin, many conservatives are warning the nation is seeing a police state taking over.

Under the Biden-era police state, America First patriots are being unfairly targeted. Meanwhile, Democrats like Hunter Biden who actually commit serious crimes are able to continue on with their lives without issue. Even CNN recently acknowledged there are “legitimate questions” pertaining to the first son’s conduct.

At the rate things are going, there’s absolutely no telling which Republican will face the same treatment that Griffin did. In all likelihood, what happened to Griffin will embolden other Democrats to further move against Trump supporters.

Biden’s politically charged rhetoric that deems Trump supporters as “semi-fascists” who need to be stopped also doesn’t bode well. All things considered, things may get very ugly in America before they get better.