Abbott Lauds NY Leaders, Blasts Biden On Immigration

In a surprising show of cross-party unity, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) commended New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) for pressuring Joe Biden to address the ongoing migrant crisis hammering the Empire State and the entire nation. The unexpected praise was given during a speech this week in Manhattan, a city considered a Democratic stronghold, illustrating a growing concern over national security and immigration policies.

Abbott’s commendation stems from a shared understanding of the consequences that lax border security policies can unleash, not just in border states but across the entire country. Abbott asserts that every state is now a border state, a direct result, he claims, of the Biden administration’s open border policies.

The Texas governor sharply criticized Joe Biden’s approach to border security, emphasizing its ripple effect, which, he suggests, led to tragic incidents such as the fentanyl poisoning of a toddler in a Bronx daycare. “To think you had a 1-year-old child in New York exposed to fentanyl, probably because of the open border policies put in place by Joe Biden, that’s inhumane,” said Abbott. He also cited the alleged inaction from the Biden administration to enforce stricter laws on migration and asylum, allowing 180,000 migrants in August alone and 1.23 million in 2023 to pursue asylum claims in the country.

Abbott advocates reimplementing stringent immigration laws to curb the influx of illegal immigrants at the border. “The border between the United States and Mexico is the most dangerous land crossing in the world. It can be stopped in one single day, in one single way, and that is for Joe Biden to enforce the current immigration laws on the books,” he insisted. Abbott’s resolve has been underscored by his controversial decision to transport nearly 40,000 migrants from Texas to several sanctuary cities across the United States.

“This is unsustainable, and those are the words of your mayor,” Abbot said, referring to Mayor Adams’ remarks on the situation. Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul are seen as pivotal allies in compelling Biden to rectify the current policies, stressing the bipartisan urgency of the matter.

Despite differing political ideologies, the unity between Abbott and the New York Democratic officials sheds light on the ongoing illegal immigration debacle. Their united front against Biden’s alleged lax border policies implies a widening concern over national security and public safety.