Abbott Says Texas Will Send Illegal Migrants to DC on Charter Buses

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Wednesday that his state will provide charter buses for illegal migrants who enter the U.S. to go to Washington D.C.

The Biden administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed last week that Title 42 restrictions for the border will end May 23. The order was initially put in place to protect Americans from COVID-19 coming across the southern border but became an important tool to slow unchecked migration.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management says the transportation effort will begin this week. The governor’s office has up to 900 buses available for the operation, which is planned to get ahead of what most anticipate will be a massive surge to the border next month. The state is also prepared to use chartered flights to send the migrants to Washington.

According to a news release from Gov. Abbott’s office, the migrants must first be processed by the Department of Homeland Security, must volunteer to be transported, and must show documentation from the DHS. The governor says the federal government has plans for up to 18,000 illegal border crossings every day as a worse-case scenario.

Many migrants are currently dropped off into small Texas towns that officials describe as stretched beyond capacity to handle more of an influx.

The Republican governor says the migrants will be taken to the steps of the U.S. Capitol. This will enable the administration to better “address the needs of the people they are allowing to come across our border.”

Officials report there are already tens of thousands of migrants camped on the Mexican side of the border waiting for the repeal of Title 42. The Migration Policy Institute says over 1.7 million illegal migrants are currently in Texas.

The Texas National Guard begins “mass migration rehearsal” this week to prepare for next month’s expected surge. The state Department of Public Safety also plans “enhanced safety inspections” at international points of entry.

What is business as usual in Washington is anything but for states that must live with these short-sighted decisions. Retracting Title 42, an effective means of not only sending illegal migrants back across the border but deterring those considering a crossing, can only result in more chaotic and dangerous situations for U.S. citizens.