Abortion Vote in Kansas Goes South for Republicans

The Kansas primaries kicked off on Tuesday, and the election of officials took a backseat to an abortion amendment that made headlines.

The bill that would change the state’s constitution took a tumble when the people voted against it during the primary. The vote went 59% in favor of keeping the constitution the same. Just 41% of the vote went towards restricting abortion rights. This was the first major vote across the country after the Supreme Court decided in June to repeal Roe v. Wade.

Democrats spoke out yesterday with Chuck Schumer, saying, “The people of Kansas sent an unmistakable message to MAGA Republican extremists: back off women’s fundamental rights.”

The state of Kansas votes Republican in most elections, but the vote on the bill went the complete opposite way. What does this predict for the rest of the country?

One Kansas constituent, famous on social media, said this:

“I’ve lived in or within a few miles of Kansas most of my life and I’m telling you that if a straight up or down vote on abortion can turn out like this in Kansas, there won’t be many states in the country that would vote to outlaw choice.”

Schumer kept talking on the Senate floor saying, “the vote in red Kansas last night is a reflection of what’s happening across the country and what will continue to occur through the November elections.”

It may work the opposite way that Schumer thinks. Kansas will have plenty of politicians running on the Republican side that will make their abortion stance clear.

Many believe that the Republican Party will make substantial gains in November, and this whole situation could be one of the main reasons why.