Abrams Declares Georgia ‘Worst State in Country’ as She Runs for Governor

Democrat Stacey Abrams, two-time candidate for Georgia governor, proclaimed Saturday that the state she hopes to lead is “the worst.” The astonishing remark came gift-wrapped with a bright red bow and was instantly picked up by her grateful opponents.

As campaign slogans go, this one needs some polishing.

Speaking at something called the “Gwinnett Democrats’ Bluetopia Gala,” Abrams declared that she is “tired” of people asserting that Georgia is the best state in the country to do business with. She added that “we are the worst state in the country to live (in).”

Showing a gift for prophecy where a little common sense might be more useful, Abrams quickly predicted her statement would be “politicized.” That’s left-speak for listening and analyzing what a person says about the people they want to lead.

Who can forget “deplorables?”

Abrams, with a net worth of over $3 million and owner of two homes in Georgia, doubled down on her criticism. She told the audience and Twitter followers that night that the state is #48 in mental health, #1 in infant mortality, #2 in uninsured, and #9 in gun violence.

She also hammered the Peach State for its residents facing rising prices and falling wages. In other words, like the other 49 states in Biden’s America.

Abrams added #KempDoesntCare on her tweet, a reference to incumbent governor and likely November opponent Brian Kemp. The governor, of course, responded quickly. Kemp tweeted that Georgia is the number one state “to live, work, and raise a family.”

Abrams is all but certain to face Kemp for the second time this fall. Even in losing in 2018, the challenger gained national exposure by railing against what she calls “voter suppression.”

Funny, but the Georgia Secretary of State’s office revealed last week that over 565,000 in the state had already voted early. That’s 153% over the same point in 2018 and 189% over 2020. How’s that draconian voter suppression working out now?

Abrams never conceded that 2018 defeat due to voter suppression disenfranchising the state’s electorate.

Winning elections is much easier when your opponent does your campaigning for you. By ranking the state she wants to govern as the worst in the country, Abrams did exactly that. Let the backtracking begin.