Actor Laurence Fox Calls For Action Over Russell Brand Censorship

Actor Laurence Fox is calling for the resignation of Caroline Dinenage, a conservative member of Parliament. The call for resignation is over a letter Dinenage sent to the social platform Rumble over the removal of actor and commentator Russell Brand.

Actor and commentator Russell Brand is facing allegations of sexual assault and misconduct with at least two women. These women claim that Brand made advances and assaulted them on various occasions.

Brand took to social media to tell his fans that the allegations were coming and to plead his innocence. One of the social media platforms Brand used was Rumble.

Following the allegations facing Brand, Dinenage wrote to Rumble requesting the removal of Brand and his channel. Rumble responded openly to the letter and the requests for Brand’s removal from the platform.

Rumble stated they would not be demonetizing Brand or removing him from the platform.

Though this response is a win for Brand, some want the matter taken further. Laurence Fox is one of those people.

Fox set his sights on Dinenage and her use of her place in Parliament to push for the removal of Brand. Fox states the Parliament member should resign based on the misuse of her post and standing.

In a statement regarding the issue, Fox spoke about the underlying issue of his push toward Dinenage.

“Free speech and the presumption of innocence are the cornerstones of a Liberal democracy. Both have been completely undermined,”

Russell Brand’s channel on Google-owned YouTube was demonetized following the allegations.

At this point, Brand has not faced criminal charges for the allegations. The allegations are the only action taken against Brand at this time.

Law enforcement spoke with the Daily Mail and asked that the potential victims make themselves known. Law enforcement stated to Daily Mail that they have “not received any reports in relation to the allegations of sexual assault detailed.”

This situation means there have been allegations of misconduct and abuse occurring with no one coming forward completely and no actual reports of the founded claims. Russell Brand may be next in the long line of celebrities that are targeted over these types of allegations even with no proof.

At this time, Dinenage has no intent of stepping down. And Rumble has no intent of demonetizing Brand based on allegations alone.