Airline CEOs Demand Biden End Mask Mandate

Nearly a dozen CEOs from several major airlines have signed onto a letter asking President Joe Biden to eliminate his federal mask mandate on flights.The letter thanks Biden for his governance during the pandemic, but also cites current scientific COVID-19 data that indicates “it is past time to eliminate COVID-era transportation policies.” The letter, which was made public on Wednesday, suggests that, instead of mask mandates, the government should move toward “guidance,” leaving the decision to “personal health choice.”

The letter emphasizes the authors’ disbelief that mask mandates still exist for airline travel in a time when social distancing guidelines have been eased and people have returned to attending schools, restaurants and even sporting events, without masks. It also points out that none of these places have the protective air filtration systems that airplanes are equipped with, which have been upgraded with such safety precautions since the outbreak of the pandemic.

As the letter explains, recent studies suggest that constant airflow and highly filtered air makes an airplane’s cabin one of the safest indoor environments one can be in.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton gave very positive feedback to the letter. He wrote in a tweet that all major airline CEOs want the pointless flight mask mandate to be removed. He brought up the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Paxton, who sued President Biden last month to remove mask mandates.

CEOs who have signed onto this request to the Biden administration include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and JetBlue Airways, along with several others who are fed up with the federal mask mandate.