Airport Worker Arrested For Stealing Airplane

The air travel industry is constantly running into one problem after the next. Following over one year of flight delays and cancellations, the federal government is taking a more forceful attitude toward airlines.

Various government aides are warning these airlines may be penalized if they continue to delay and cancel flights. However, airline companies report being short-staffed, despite receiving millions in bailouts from the federal government in 2020.

Many Americans believe that had airlines not forced out workers for not taking COVID-19 vaccines, they wouldn’t be short-staffed.

Although over the weekend, yet another issue with air travel posed potentially life-threatening consequences. The end result is airport worker Cory Patterson, 29, being arrested for stealing a plane and threatening to crash it.

Everything You Need to Know
On Saturday, Patterson managed to take control of a plane in Mississippi, doing so without proper authorization. For reasons that currently remain a mystery, the airport worker then proceeded to call 911 and say he would crash the plane into a Walmart store.

Authorities naturally passed this onto the Walmart location in question, which cleared out all customers and staffers on the premises.

Eventually, 911 operators were able to talk Patterson down, leading him to land the plane in a rural land area. From here, the airport worker was arrested and hit with charges of issuing terrorist threats, along with grand larceny.

More Details on the Story
Shortly before the authorities took him into custody, Patterson went on Facebook to leave his relatives a parting message. The 29-year-old claimed in his message that he never had intentions to harm anyone.

Despite Patterson’s antics, no one was physically injured. Even the aircraft itself remains in fairly decent shape.

This story sent shockwaves across America as it went viral on social media. Multiple reports now indicate that the Federal Aviation Administration and Homeland Security Department will work to increase security measures.

Many speculations remain ongoing as to the state of Patterson’s mental health and potential warning signs leading up to Saturday’s episode. Police have suggested the airport worker’s actions were not premeditated, but rather a “crime of opportunity.”

In other air travel news, Labor Day weekend has already seen thousands of flights either delayed or canceled altogether.