America Must Resist ‘Arrogant Elitists’

The “do as I say, not as I do” crowd grows larger by the day. And while there are plenty of examples of authoritarian hypocrites in the US, a glance above the border at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his heavy-handed abuse of peaceful demonstrators is a clear warning for Americans.

The former blackface wearer showed remarkable gall and a severe lack of a sense of irony when he called out protesting truckers as racists. Seems disagreeing with excessive lockdowns and ridiculous quarantines is the moral equivalent of wearing blackface.

Trudeau showed his true colors when he ridiculed Conservative Party members for siding with people he said wave Confederate flags and swastikas, drawing a swift rebuke from party member Melissa Lantsman, a descendant of Holocaust survivors. Lantsman rightly insists on an apology from the Prime Minister, who made the comments in the Canadian Parliament.

Not content to impune a Jewish conservative, Trudeau recently went on an unhinged rant accusing the truckers and their supporters of being “very often misogynistic, racist, women-haters, science-deniers, the fringe.”

Now, that’s leadership.

But Americans are hardly exempt from arrogant abusers of power. Political hubris is easy to spot, with examples from Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom flouting their own draconian rules shoved down on the little people. AOC maskless in Florida bars while insisting the rest of us bow to the CDC and Stacey Abrams being photographed mingling with a classroom full of masked students but seeing zero need to wear one herself.

The raw arrogance of authoritarian elites eschewing the same rules they breathlessly push on the little people was never more evident than on Super Bowl Sunday. Tens of thousands of the rich and powerful (and woke) who paid tens of thousands of dollars for seats saw no need to mask up while being elbow to elbow with strangers. And funny, don’t recall any masks in that moving halftime show.

Sounds like the very definition of a “super-spreader event.” Remember those?

Meanwhile, students in Los Angeles schools have to follow unnecessary rules propagated by the coastal movers and shakers. And what did the tyrannical corporate media say about the maskless wonders? Little to nothing.

Of course, California Democratic Governor Newsom says he wants to end classroom mask mandates, but the teacher’s unions he is beholden to are demanding more state actions and for classroom masking to continue. So, once again, it’s the kids who suffer as the adults play by their own rules, as we saw on Super Bowl Sunday.

If only we’d known all along that the pandemic would end when it was no longer convenient for the authoritarian elite!