American Airlines CEO Pushes Back On Biden Over His Mandates, Gives Huge Insight

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is urging President Joe Biden to halt his mandate for Covid-19 vaccination requirements for domestic air travel that would cause millions of people to be left without air travel. Biden pushes this agenda while still not having any Covid-19 vaccination requirements at the United States’ southern border. Why? Because it’s not about illegal immigrants, it’s about controlling a population of citizens.  

When you’re stopped from engaging in a commodity, it stings a little bit. You feel disenfranchised and left out. Not to mention that if you need that commodity to conduct business. While many people have gotten the Covid-19 vaccine, around 145 million people haven’t gotten it. Whether that be because they’re ineligible, have a religious exemption, or have a personal issue with the vaccine, they’re entitled to their reasoning.  

The biggest problem with Biden’s vaccine mandates is that they have no room for having antibodies through natural infection. Data shows that surviving the Covid-19 virus will leave a strong antibody response even eight months later. That would mean that the vaccine requirement for air travel, or anything else for that matter, would rest solely on proof of vaccination rather than proof of antibodies. It isn’t how science works. Based on several studies, like The Conversation, it’s suggested that having natural antibodies will give the recovered patient a much more broad spectrum of protection than the Covid-19 vaccine, which only introduces a single antigen.  

That would mean that natural antibodies through Covid-19 infection are better at protecting a more extensive range of possibilities if re-infection occurs.  

If you follow along with the Center for Disease Control Covid-19 infection rates, you can see a roller coaster effect on the graph. It is virtually the same in every state and region. Before the Covid-19 vaccination being available, this trend would show natural infection and antibody response after. Then, months later, Covid-19 would spread again, but this time you heard more and more about asymptomatic infection or mild symptoms. It seems that the immune system was doing its job. Though many lost their lives, as with many viruses, the range of deaths was primarily centered around older people.  

Parker said that being on an airplane was safe because of the cleanliness and the measures already in place to stop the spread of Covid-19. Parker also said that while American Airlines wouldn’t be opposed, he would encourage the Biden administration to ask why it made sense. It is an exciting response.  

Airlines were hit hard during Covid-19, as many other businesses were. Parker pointed out that virtually every area of American life is mask-less, so putting a requirement on air travel given its safety standards wouldn’t be logical. Parker did say that he wouldn’t be opposed to trouble, but it’s a step forward to question why it would be necessary.