American Law School Is Teaching Its Students About Pronouns

In a growing number of cases, public education facilities are shifting away from education and towards woke, left-wing indoctrination.

Students are being taught about defunding the police, critical race theory, and gender ideology, rather than lesson plans to equip them for the real world.

Parents are having to fight with leftist school boards who are referring to students by their genitalia, rather than just focusing lessons on things like English, arithmetic, and science.

At the rates things are going, public education could look drastically different in the next decade if things continue as they have been.

Now, a law school is making headlines for teaching its students about alternate pronouns.

A New Lesson Plan For Law Students
Law students attending the University of Iowa’s College of Law are undergoing a very specific curriculum regarding pronouns. The pronouns photographed during this lesson include “Ze/Zim/Zers,” “Ze/Hir/Hirs,” and “They/Them/Theirs.”

The specific lesson, however, instructs law students to practice using these particular pronouns to describe someone in a conversational manner.

Since the release of this university’s lesson plan, the feedback has been overwhelmingly negative. Many social media users questioned why this lesson would be deemed appropriate at a law school.

Others slammed the University of Iowa’s College of Law for intentionally pandering and overemphasizing alternate pronouns. Then, other people warned that students who attend these woke colleges and universities are often being “reprogrammed.”

Further Driving Down Demand For Higher Education?
Over the years, there have been a series of factors that make people think twice about enrolling in college or university. As data documents enrollment declines, America is in a nationwide debate about student loans.

On top of this, there’s been a years-long pattern of conservative, right-leaning college students being ostracized and made to feel less than by their left-wing peers on campuses.

College and university aren’t the only options after high school. More people are therefore considering learning a trade, starting a business, or otherwise entering the workforce on their own.

For many Americans, a law school lesson about alternate pronouns doesn’t really inspire taking on thousands of dollars in student loan debt.