Americans Like Tucker Carlson More Than Fox News

According to a Rasmussen poll, 59% of likely United States voters have a favorable impression of Tucker Carlson. Only 34% of likely voters view Carlson unfavorably, which includes 25% with a very unfavorable impression of the former Fox News host.

Carlson’s favorability rating surpasses that of Fox News, which is regarded favorably by 52% of voters, including 24% who hold a highly positive opinion. On the other hand, 42% of voters view Fox News unfavorably, with 28% expressing a strongly negative impression.

Since the announcement on April 23 that revealed Carlson’s departure from the network, Fox News’ ratings have declined.

A mere 19% of voters believe that Tucker Carlson’s departure will result in an improvement for Fox News, whereas 32% hold the opinion that his exit will have a negative impact on the network. On the other hand, 41% of voters expressed the belief that Carlson’s departure will not significantly alter Fox News.

As expected, Carlson garners the highest favorability among Republican voters and those who identify themselves as conservative.

Among Republican voters, an overwhelming majority of 71% view Tucker Carlson favorably. Additionally, 48% of Democratic voters and 55% of independent voters share a favorable impression of him.

When examining the ideological breakdown, 55% of conservatives hold a highly positive view of the former Fox News host. In contrast, only 18% of liberal and moderate voters share the same opinion, with 48% of liberals expressing a highly unfavorable view of Carlson.

A majority of Republican voters, amounting to 61%, hold a somewhat favorable view of Fox News. Similarly, 50% of Democratic voters and 42% of independent voters share this sentiment.

Among ideological groups, Fox News receives very favorable ratings from 33% of conservatives, 13% of moderates, and 19% of liberals. Notably, 49% of liberals hold a highly unfavorable view of Fox News.

Of Republican voters, 47% believe that Tucker Carlson’s departure will have a negative impact on Fox News, a sentiment shared by 18% of Democratic voters and 32% of independent voters. Conversely, 29% of Democratic voters, 13% of Republican voters, and 15% of independent voters believe that Carlson’s exit will enhance the overall quality of Fox News programming.

Regarding economic status, Tucker Carlson enjoys the highest favorability ratings among voters, with annual incomes ranging from $30,000 to $50,000. Conversely, individuals with annual incomes exceeding $200,000 are more inclined to believe that Carlson’s departure will improve Fox News.