Amputations Will Return To Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule: ‘Cutting Off Of Hands Is Very Necessary For Security’

Turabi told the Associated Press everyone blamed them for the stadium sanctions, but they did not refer to the rules or punishments. Moreover, he stated that nobody will teach them their laws and that they are Muslim and their regulations would be based on the Quran. According to the Associated Press, the Taliban used to kill their opponents in front of hundreds of Afghan men in Kabul’s sports stadium or on the grounds of the Eid-Gah-mosque.

Furthermore, executions of convicted murderers were frequently carried out with a single shot to the head, carried out by the victim’s family in exchange for “blood money” to allow the offender to live. Convicted thieves were sentenced to have their right hand amputated. A hand and a foot were amputated from persons convicted of highway robbery to safeguard their lives. Trials and convictions were seldom made public, and the judiciary favored untrained Islamic clerics. Turabi stated that judges, including women, would hear cases this time around, but the Quran would remain Afghanistan’s supreme law. He suggested that the same sanctions will be reinstated.

Turabi allegedly yelled at a female journalist to leave a room full of guys and slapped a man who refused after the Taliban took power in 1996. The gentleman chatted with a female reporter during this week’s AP interview. Turabi stated, “we have changed.”

In addition, Turabi stressed that televisions, phones, photographs, even video would be permitted because this is a pressing need for the people, and they are serious about it. He also told the Associated Press that they know that they can reach millions instead of reaching only a few hundred people. Therefore, citizens may be permitted to capture photographs or films of public punishments to share the deterrent impact.