Analysis Finds Google Directed 6 Million Votes To Biden

In today’s world, democracy is often portrayed as the bedrock of our society. We hear this message repeatedly in mainstream media, where it’s emphasized as the most crucial aspect of our government. However, beneath this facade, there’s a more harsh reality where the actions of our elected leaders take precedence over the principles they claim to uphold.

There’s an exception to this rule, and it occurs when a candidate threatens the established order, challenging the corrupt elite. Robert Epstein, the director of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), has dived deep into the intricate web of Google’s influence over American elections and the democratic process.

Epstein conducted a detailed analysis of how Google manipulates search engine results, which found that Google, once known for its unofficial motto “do no evil,” more than likely played a role in contributing to around six million votes to the Joe Biden presidential campaign in 2020.

If these findings are correct, it suggests a significant distortion of the electoral process.
Before this, we had only been vaguely aware of Epstein’s long-standing efforts to uncover the influence of big tech on presidential elections and society in general. However, his recent appearance on “The Jimmy Dore Show” brought his work back into the spotlight.

During the interview, Epstein explained his multifaceted approach to measuring Google’s ongoing efforts to manipulate voting outcomes, which have continued into 2022. This approach covers various aspects, including altering suggested search terms and favoring sources that align with Google’s political ideology in the search results.

What Epstein’s work makes abundantly clear is a straightforward truth that anyone can see by comparing search results on Google to those on uncompromised search engines like DuckDuckGo. The noticeable difference in results reveals a bias that goes way beyond providing “objective information.”

Epstein’s conversation with Dore concludes with a reference to a lesser-known part of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s famous “military-industrial complex” speech.

In this passage, Eisenhower warns us about the emergence of a “scientific-technological elite” capable of discreetly manipulating public discourse and policy while remaining hidden from public awareness.

As we navigate through this ever-changing world of information and influence, it’s crystal clear that Eisenhower’s warning is our current reality. This underscores just how essential it is for us to deeply examine and stand up for the core pillars of democracy and American values if we want things to change or improve.