Angel Mom On Dr. Phil: My Son’s Illegal Alien Killer Served 35 Days In Jail

During an appearance on Dr. Phil, Angel Mom Sabine Durden Coulter highlighted the human cost of illegal immigration while talking about her son’s tragic murder at the hands of an illegal alien.

Durden Coulter’s son, Dominic Durden, was murdered by an illegal alien about a decade ago in California, which describes itself as a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens.

Like many other Angel Families, Durden Coulter has made it her life’s mission to raise awareness about the numerous American victims of illegal immigration — most of whom are completely ignored by the mainstream media and the politicians in Washington, D.C., who are instead focused on celebrating illegal aliens.

Durden Coulter told her son’s story on Dr. Phil earlier this month, trying to challenge advocates for open borders.

“Ten years ago, my son was a 911 dispatcher for the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, heading to work on his motorcycle at 5:45 am when an illegal alien — with two felony convictions, one deportation, two DUIs which he was on probation for and he had no license, no insurance, no registration — turned his truck in front of my son’s motorcycle and killed him instantly,” she said.

“This is what I have left of my son, his ashes,” Durden Coulter added, showing the audience a small urn filled with her son’s ashes.

“The illegal alien was known by the DA and the judge. They talked me out of going to trial — I was still in shock, my world had been ripped apart — and they made a deal with him, a deal with an illegal alien who just killed a citizen and didn’t obey our laws. They gave him nine months and five-year probation for vehicular manslaughter. And he served 35 days — 35 days for the murder of my child,” she explained.

“And the sad part is, I’ve met way too many Angel Moms and Dads in the last 10 years and there will be many more,” Durden Coulter continued.

Despite the fact that countless Angel Families have had their family members murdered by illegal aliens across the U.S. for decades, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) still refuses to tally the annual figure of Americans killed by illegal immigrants.

Former Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) previously estimated that roughly 2,000 Americans and legal immigrants are killed by illegal aliens each year.

Annual reports from ICE give a small insight into the estimate, though the true numbers are still unclear. In Fiscal Year 2022, data shows that ICE agents arrested illegal aliens for more than 1,500 homicide charges or convictions. Illegal aliens were also arrested for more than 26,000 drunk driving charges, and thousands of illegal aliens were arrested by ICE for a variety of other crimes.

“I’m a legal immigrant. So I came through the front door. I did it the right way,” Durden Coulter said. “I didn’t walk into any place and just demand anything. I earned my right to be here. I earned my citizenship and I’m a proud American.”

She also noted that terms like “undocumented immigrants” — a description that seeks to downplay the severity of illegally crossing the southern border, are “a slap in my face and millions of people who stood in line, who filled out paperwork [and] paid a lot of money to make sure Americans know who’s coming and who’s here.”