Anti-Republican Leaker Under Investigation By Air Force

As the midterm elections get closer, there’s a disturbing uptick in attacks and violence against Republicans. Democrats are desperate. They can see the writing on the wall and realize the November elections are very unlikely to go in their favor.

To turn things around, Democrats are pulling out all the stops against Republicans. Americans witnessed this earlier in the month when a campaign canvasser for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was beaten to the point of hospitalization and internal bleeding.

Republican Jennifer Ruth Green is now one of the latest people to come under attack from the radical left. Currently, Green is running to represent the 1st District of Indiana.

As Green makes headway in her campaign, Democratic opposition moved to sabotage her by leaking sensitive information about her being sexually assaulted.

New Information in the Case
Green’s history of experiencing sexual assault was privately disclosed and occurred during her time in the military. When this private disclosure was first leaked, the media alleged the information was discovered after an innocuous request for “public records.”

However, this has been proven false. In a new turn of events, the Air Force revealed that it’s responsible for handing over Green’s private information to a group conducting opposition research on her.

On top of this, the Air Force revealed that it’s looking into whether or not the leaker had assistance and whether the person was motivated by money or politics. Whoever released these records broke the law, as did the opposition research team that was all too happy to acquire them.

Thus far, the Air Force says the person in the military who leaked this information about Green will be “held accountable.” What this accountability will entail still remains a mystery to much of the nation.

Not Backing Down
Green made it more than clear that she’s not going to let left-wing scare tactics throw her off course. The Indiana Republican remains hard at work to win her election and give Republicans a +1 in the House of Representatives.

If anything, this left-wing hit on Green is all the more reason why Democrats shouldn’t be in power. Time and time again, the left has shown that it’ll do anything to have control and not have to compromise with others.

For a party like this to have absolute power over the federal government is beyond dangerous.