Antifa Has Become The Official ‘Jackbooted Thugs’ Of The Liberal Media

When the liberal corporate media networks refuse to cover violence perpetrated by Antifa, this is evidence of de facto agreement and coordination. 

Our freedom of the press has allowed editors and directors to shape the narrative of American news for decades to the point that assaulting journalists is acceptable to them. Antifa agrees with the Democrat Party and its statism. And agents of this real domestic terrorism organization intentionally attacked correspondents of various conservative and liberal publications. But the attacked leftists are told to shut up and take it, to intimidate and shut down journalists who wish to document and publish the true nature of the looming threat inside our nation. 

For example, Maranie Staab is a left-wing photographer who promotes civil rights and social justice. She has worked in Africa and the Middle East. On August 22, 2021, in Portland, OR, she was attacked for simply taking pictures of Antifa. She was covering the erupting violence when the mob snatched her telephone and crushed it, slammed her onto the street, and hit her with mace. 

What made her think that she would be allowed to collect evidence of these criminals? Did she think that she has immunity to their anger and angst because she is a liberal? How would they know that? Was it because of her liberal smell or the liberal clothes she was wearing? 

This type of clueless thinking is creating fissures in the minds of many liberals. Like Bill Maher and others, Staab will either wake up instead of going woke. Or, more likely, she will learn to hold her tongue and take it because the editors and owners of the press have given implicit orders to stand down and allow this rage to continue. She must not have gotten the first message. 

She claimed that being on a public road and covering a newsworthy event allows her to film where she would like. How quaint. 

Remember Andy Ngo, journalist and author of the smash-hit book “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” beaten by Antifa thugs. Ngo was fired by the Portland State University student newspaper where he worked when he recorded a Muslim student express support for the lack of religious freedom in Islamic nations. His team did not like the idea of a journalist doing a reporter’s job or offering factual accounts of discrimination. So much for working with people who have your back.

Later, he was savagely attacked in Portland in 2019, kicking him in the crotch and hitting him with fiberglass knuckles (the modern version of brass knuckles classified as assault with a deadly weapon by police). Antifa continues to publish death threats against Ngo, which go uninvestigated. 

Antifa has an MO to attack people with cameras such as Maranie Rae, shot with paint and mace. Nancy Rommelmann, a New York Times and the Wall Street Journal author, was attacked while photographing Antifa, doxed, and harassed online.

These are the left-wing revolutionaries that Democrats have unleashed on this nation. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have provided cover for Bernie Sanders and AOC long enough. Antifa is a logical outcropping of the anti-American hatred spewed on our campuses. Now they are out for blood because they have taken the liberal hysteria seriously. 

Dissent, disorder, and destruction have become normalized since the homicide of George Floyd. Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists have routinely patrolled and rioted in cities across this nation. While the press wants to distinguish these movements, as if Antifa are the bad actors, they are glued together at the hip. Both have published radical statements, and both groups have members who have been arrested for assault. And many more members of these groups have gotten away with it. Often individuals associated with both traverse between protests organized by either. 

Since 2017, 517 journalists have been assaulted during fights on the streets, with 400 of those attacked in 2020 alone. The massive liberal media networks ignore most of these attacks, which have intentionally slanted coverage of arson and looting.