Antifa Members Sue Journalist Andy Ngo And The Case Gets Withdrawn 12 Days After

After initiating a federal copyright complaint against journalist Andy Ngo, who they say retweeted their films without authorization, Antifa militants have withdrawn to a corner. The lawsuit was filed about two weeks ago by Grace Morgan and Melissa Lewis. They are allies with Rose City Antifa, Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front, and their Leftist “activist” attorneys.

Antifa and his Center for American Liberty co-counsel dismissed their lawsuit against journalist Ngo on Monday, according to Los Angeles attorney Larry Zerner. They may as well break up the First Amendment if US copyright law hinged on whether the artist liked or wanted critics to examine their work, Dhillon says, since no journalist like Mr. Ngo would ever be allowed to criticize anything the author didn’t want them to.

The Antifa attorneys who sought $300,000 for Morgan and Lewis were likely successful, but their Antifa comrades-in-arms were humiliated for them. “Leftist” wondered aloud if the lawyers understood how to use Twitter, while another openly insulted their colleagues by saying the case “went over like a wet fart.” The fictitious case had the desired consequence of being widely circulated throughout the mainstream and Leftist media, Wikipedia, and all search engines.

Moreover, Dhillon ordered those news organizations covering the case dismissals update. Isn’t it decent journalism to follow up, she asked, addressing the Intercept. Update their readers on how this fluff story they created for Antifa didn’t turn out? Dhillon requested the Daily Dot. The attorney asked that the Oregonian publish a follow-up story on the case dropped three days earlier.

Amber Lewis said on Twitter that she had done some stupid things in the past because she is a “people pleaser” after an Antifa lawsuit against her was dropped. Pacific Northwest Antifa Watch pointed out that even though they lost the case, it’s still a win-win for white Antifa members because they can fail and blame it on the white supremacist justice system.