AOC Wears ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress To Met Gala

Just when you thought Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) couldn’t get any daffier, the New York delegate stepped out on the red carpet for the New York Met Gala wearing a designer gown. Emblazoned with the words, “Tax the Rich.” How did AOC think she was going to pull off that look at a star-studded event bumping elbows with some of the wealthiest people in the world?

Think of how creepy it would be if someone came to your party wearing a dress that said they would take more of your money. Taking into account, of course, that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an inherently political figure because she’s a politician, that’s still no gracious way to treat your hosts. But of course, no one was party-minded, and everyone was happy to pose with AOC for selfies and let her glad hand and grin for campaign donations.

That’s because all the ultra-rich elite celebrities attending that event know that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t talking about them. She’s talking about you and me. AOC wants to pass a so-called Green New Deal that would effectively end the United States of America if her half-baked pipe dream came to terrible fruition.

It would increase taxes on the economy by trillions and strangle American businesses from growing, hiring, or increasing wages by adding more insane regulatory compliance costs. AOC’s Green New Deal would be more intrusive and cause more damage to everyone’s prosperity and wellbeing than Joe Biden’s insane, unconstitutional vaccine mandates. And the super-rich and even the 1% will pass these costs along to the middle class and poor.

When the economy goes into the worst depression in United States history due to the outright Marxist takeover of America by congressional appropriation, the uber-wealthy will have to give up one of their yachts or something. However, they’ll still be as secure as ever and as comfortable as ever before. The poor will become destitute, however, and the middle class will shrink and mostly disappear in the kind of income stratification that the likes of AOC say they are against. But every nation on earth that tries socialism wrecks its middle class.

AOC poses as a champion of the poor, but she is a proponent of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). There’s hardly anything new about it, though. The same old monetarist philosophy of infinite money supply liquidity to skim off every dollar in circulation and steal more for the government to redistribute. But this socialized central bank dollar devaluation steals from the poor by degrading their purchasing power when they pay rent and buy food.

The higher the costs that the poor and middle-class pay at the grocery store, at the gas pump, when they pay their rent, and when they buy necessities due to the increase in the money supply. The greater the supply of money, the less valuable each dollar gets. Who benefits from the rise? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and society’s most well-connected, wealthy, and influential individuals and businesses are the ones who get to lend it and spend it.