Atlanta’s Crime Problem Just Got Much Worse

Like many blue cities across the United States, Atlanta has a serious problem when it comes to crime. Thanks to years upon years of the city being controlled by Democrats, lawlessness issues are only getting more dangerous.

For one thing, the Atlanta Police Department is constantly being muzzled by soft-on-crime policies. These policies not only hurt police, but they also send a dangerous message to criminals in the community.

When Atlanta-based offenders see others getting off with little more than a slap on the wrist, it sends a message that breaking the law is OK. Soft-on-crime policies ultimately embolden dangerous individuals while putting a target on the backs of law-abiding men and women.

Unfortunately, this problem in Georgia’s capital city is showing no signs of dying down soon. According to The Blaze, a perp who reportedly shot an Atlanta police officer was just given bond.

Trouble on the Streets of Atlanta

Suspected gang member Christian Eppinger is believed to have shot Officer David Rodgers six times back in February. Naturally, a crime of this magnitude is very serious, explaining why prosecutors and police officers in the community railed against Eppinger being granted bond.

Sadly, soft-on-crime policies won out here. A judge in Fulton County granted the offender bail, despite his alleged crime and his long rap sheet.

Atlanta police officers also warned that Eppinger hasn’t shown a shred of remorse for his crimes. The suspected gang member took to Instagram, bragging that he’d be back home soon, in light of the judge granting him bail.

Fulton County’s district attorney has already submitted an emergency motion to stop Eppinger’s bail; although, there’s no telling whether or not this will pan out. For what it’s worth, Atlanta police officers have praised the DA, stating Eppinger has no business being back on the streets.

More Trouble to Come

If Eppinger commits new crimes while he’s out, the blood will be on the hands of the judge who gave him bail. By extension, the blood will also rest on the hands of Democrats across the country who continue to push soft-on-crime policies.

Despite what Democrats want Americans to believe, crime isn’t just the results of people not being hugged or coddled enough. Unfortunately, there are some folks in society who are intent on doing harm to others.

These people need to be taken off the streets and held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. They should not be treated with kid gloves by judges who are afraid of coming off as “mean.”