Axios Blames Karens For Labor Shortage

“I want to speak to your manager!” This one line has become the calling card of Karens, the patron saint of disgruntled and angry customers worldwide. 

Sure, the consumer is always correct until they are not. Good businesses know how to be more selective about their customer base. Managers learn how to show specific time and money-draining customers the door respectfully. However, the degradation of our culture has resulted in a highly abusive relationship between consumers and servers. 

Have we gotten to the point where working to help other humans is beneath the average person? We respect nurses with a suitable bedside manner. And we overtip servers who go above and beyond the call of duty. But many businesses are struggling to find good employees. The labor shortage is not primarily in white-collar jobs, and the blue-collar, pink-collar, no-collar jobs make up most of the employment in this country. Restaurants like Panera are closing at 2:00 PM because they do not have enough people to work. “Help Wanted” signs are everywhere.

Axios thinks that raucous clients like Karen have undermined Joe Biden’s economy. According to them, suburban moms attack people just doing their jobs that have stunned the liberal’s path to electoral dominance. That’s a sad take, completely crazy, and it demonstrates that these people do not know anything about how this country works. 

The Biden-Harris maladministration has a Breaking Bad Better plan that will make this situation 10X worse. And Axios wants you to believe that aggressive customers are making laborers quit. Instead of getting back to work, post-COVID people are quitting. The work-from-home movement has become a don’t-work-anywhere movement. People who decide to quit are not desperate because of unemployment, stimulus payments, eviction delays, or other factors. They have not found employment elsewhere, and they don’t seem to care. 

Supply chain delays have nothing to do with dealing with human beings. The majority of occupations in this industry involve manual labor, driving cars, or operating machinery. Liberals think that occupations that require direct customer contact mean managing a fickle public. The supply chain has made people furious because of significant delays in covering orders. Yeah, that makes sense to me.

Customers have displaced anger, some directed at “F*** Joe Biden!” but much of it is misplaced on representatives of businesses who are worn thin and may assert authority they do not have. 

Axios says that people will not endure this abuse and exploitation anymore. Their bosses agree with their stance. Organizations are taking the side of their workers and telling Karen to shove it. A few businesses have given classes on mindfulness so that employees can meditate when they are being yelled at. 

According to The US Labor Department, companies added 194,000 positions in September, which is a loss of total workers when adjusted for expectations. Unemployment fell to 4.8% from 5.2% because 183,000 Americans exited the labor force. 

The Workforce participation rate is a better measurement of our current economy. This statistic reflects the eligible employees who have a job. In September of 2020, it was 61.4%. Today it is 61.6%, we are sitting dead in the water. 

Since COVID-19 and 15 days to flatten the curve and 30 days to stop the spread and dictator governors deciding who gets to work, live, and die with their lockdowns, we have lost 5,000,000 employees. 3,000,000 Americans have left the labor force permanently just walking out or possibly unable to return to work. 

Where did they go? Did they disappear? How are they able to pay their bills and eat? We will never know. But it has nothing to do with the seething anger of customers boiling this nation.