AZ Officials Announce Plan to Fill Border Wall Gaps

Arizona authorities are taking matters into their own hands amid inaction by the Biden administration regarding a record number of illegal border crossings. According to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, new construction began this week on a wall along the border between Mexico and Yuma.

While the Trump administration began an ambitious program to extend a wall along much of the U.S.-Mexico border, his successor has failed to resume funding of the project.

During a conference call with reporters on Friday, top advisers to the Arizona governor announced that state funds would be used to bankroll the erection of a wall on the state’s southern border.

Arizona Department of Homeland Security Director Tim Roemer called it “an easy solution” to a problem exacerbated by the federal government’s lax immigration policies.

“We’re done waiting for them,” he said of Democrats in D.C.

The barrier is reportedly being constructed from four-ton cargo shipping containers placed at high-traffic areas of the border where there is not an existing wall. Experts estimate that this phase of the project will come with a $6 million price tag.

According to the announcement, state officials did not provide the Biden administration or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with prior notice of the plan.

As Ducey spokesperson C.J. Karamargin explained: “Our hope is that they’ll be paying attention to the news today.”

He noted that the Biden administration indicated late last year that it would “take steps to fill the gaps in the border wall,” but those words were not met with action.

“Here we are in mid-August,” Karamargin said. “We’ve been waiting a very long time for the federal government to act on measures they said they were going to do and we haven’t seen any tangible evidence that they’re following through. So we will be doing it ourselves.”

The governor’s general counsel explained that the state will be “filling that gap” and will worry about the consequences later.

“Bottom line is … that the federal government has a duty to protect the states,” Anni Foster added. “They failed to do that. We have made every effort to work with them and try to resolve this problem, but the governor can no longer wait for the federal government to take action when we have a community like Yuma, who is being sheltered at 150% of capacity.”