Bar Walks Back Threat To Kick Out Conservative Customers

An ongoing cultural debate regarding LGBT indoctrination reached a fever pitch last month when Anheuser-Busch decided to team up with transgender TikTok influence Dylan Mulvaney for a Bud Light ad campaign.

Shortly after a boycott of the beer was announced, retailers and bars nationwide confirmed that sales had slowed to a trickle and the company lost billions of dollars in value.

While some establishments embraced the boycott and many others stayed out of the controversy entirely, one Indiana bar decided to wade into the fray by sharing an incendiary Facebook post asserting that vocal opponents of Bud Light’s decision would no longer be welcome.

On April 11, Bloomington’s Fairfax Bar and Grill wrote: “We are tired of all the hate. We are very open to debate and discussion and it’s truly a shame that we can’t have open conversations about this important political and cultural topic.”

After going on to claim that bars “exist as public space where ideas should be exchanged,” the bar lamented the supposed “bigotry and hatred” on display by those who believe that putting Mulvaney’s face on Bud Light cans was a bad move.

Despite its earlier assertion that the business invites “debate and discussion,” the now-deleted post concluded that “any patron wanting to voice their concerns about the issue will be immediately asked to pay their bill and leave our establishment.”

Right on cue, many former patrons decided to visit one of Bloomington’s other bars, leaving Fairfax Bar and Grill desperate for customers.

A follow-up Facebook post, which has also now been deleted, claimed that the business’s page “has been flooded with blatantly transphobic, homophobic and racist comments” before pleading for “new clientele” to replace those who were previously informed that they would not be welcome.

“I’m not gonna lie, we still need more of you right now,” the post asserted. “Please continue to consider supporting us.”

The next day, the bar’s owner shared a post that came the closest to acknowledging they went too far.

“A lot has been said — some correct, and some incorrect — and I want to clarify my stance,” the post stated. “What I really want to convey is this: just be respectful. Different opinions are welcome here as long as they are delivered respectfully. We’d no more want ugly, aggressive or rude interactions about which sports team someone thinks is better than about societal issues.”