Batboy Saves Dodgers’ Star Shohei Ohtani From Head Injury

During a recent game against the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers’ star pitcher and batter Shohei Ohtani was narrowly saved from a potentially serious injury by the quick reflexes of the team’s batboy. The incident occurred while Ohtani was in the dugout, wearing his batting helmet, but a stray foul ball came hurtling toward him at high speed.

The Dodgers’ batboy, known as Javi, swiftly caught the ball with his bare hands just inches from Ohtani’s head. This impressive display of reaction speed was met with applause from the dugout, as a visibly relieved Ohtani thanked Javi for his timely intervention. A trainer on the bench was left in shock, mouth agape at the close call.

The Dodgers’ official social media account praised Javi’s quick thinking, stating, “Javi’s reaction speed saved Sho.” This praise comes as the team continues to deal with injuries to key players. Ohtani, despite being one of MLB’s top pitchers, has not pitched this season due to an elbow injury but remains a formidable batter, hitting his 25th home run during the game.

The Dodgers secured a 4-0 victory over the White Sox, with Ohtani playing a crucial role. His contract, worth a staggering $700 million, ensures he will be paid by the Dodgers until 2043. This lucrative deal includes a significant payout of $68 million per year after his potential retirement in 2034, sparking controversy due to California’s high-income tax.

Ohtani’s teammate, Mookie Betts, also recently suffered an injury, adding to the team’s challenges. Betts, on a 12-year, $365 million contract, is recovering from a bone fracture in his hand.

Adding to the drama, Ohtani has been entangled in a gambling scandal involving his interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, who pled guilty to stealing millions from Ohtani to pay off gambling debts. Despite these off-field issues, Ohtani continues to shine on the field, demonstrating why he remains one of baseball’s biggest stars.