Beck Warns Of Growing Danger After Biden’s Debate Performance

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck has issued a stark warning following the recent CNN Presidential Debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Beck described the debate as a troubling indicator of America’s current state, particularly criticizing Biden’s performance.

Beck was notably disturbed by Biden’s responses during the debate, especially when addressing inflation. He mimicked Biden’s uncertain tone, saying, “When he opened up his mouth, and that came out, it was breathtaking.” Beck suggested that Biden’s clarity diminished as the debate progressed.

Trump’s response to Biden’s border comment was also a focal point for Beck. He observed, “It is the most restrained I have ever seen Donald Trump,” indicating that Trump was uncharacteristically subdued, possibly due to confusion over Biden’s statements.

What concerned Beck the most was the perceived neglect of serious national issues in favor of political maneuvering. He expressed his frustration with the current political discourse, stating, “I haven’t heard one single person on television or in the political realm talk about the country.” Beck stressed that the debate revealed deeper issues about America’s ability to address its problems effectively.

Beck’s comments highlight his belief that the nation is facing unprecedented danger. He argued that the debate demonstrated a critical moment where the country’s leaders and citizens need to focus on the real threats. “This country is in more danger, clear and present danger, than we have been, I believe possibly, in my lifetime,” he warned.

Beck questioned the nation’s priorities and its readiness to confront looming challenges. “What the hell is wrong with us?” he asked, emphasizing that the problem goes beyond Biden’s performance to a broader failure to address the significant dangers facing the United States.