Biden Administration, Dems Quietly Wage War On Charter Schools

Democrats and the Biden administration have been quietly instating policies that make it difficult for charter schools to exist.

Though former Democratic presidents endorsed the charter school system, the Biden administration has proactively acted to bolster the public school system at the expense of charter schools.

Biden has publicly stated that he is not a fan of charter schools, as they take away resources from public schools.

In March, the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education proposed a new set of rules to govern charter schools, insisting on a shortened comment period before the rules go into effect. While comment periods typically range from 2 to 18 months depending on the complexity of the rules, the Biden administration requested a one month comment period.

The rules make it more difficult on charter schools in a host of ways, requiring them to prepare community impact analyses and “provide a letter from each partnering traditional public school or school district demonstrating a commitment to participate in the proposed charter-traditional collaboration.”

The rules also require the charter schools to prepare a report on the “racial and socio-economic diversity of students and teachers in the charter school, and the impact of the charter school on racial and socio-economic diversity in the public school district.”

Critics of the rules note the damage it will cause to low-income students who rely on the charter schools for a quality education. Of the 3.5 million students in charter schools, an estimated 70 percent are minority students, and about 66 percent of students are considered low-income.

Pennsylvania is a poignant example of educational challenges. About 78 percent of 8th graders in Pennsylvania are not proficient in math, and 47 percent are not proficient in language arts. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia School District has yet to approve any new charter schools since it gained control of the approval process for charter schools.

Critics say Democrats are only hurting themselves, and by eliminating school choices for parents, they will drive them to vote Republican on the ballots.