Biden Administration Denies Alien Origin Of Recent UFO Shootdowns

Following the destruction of a Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina, American warplanes have destroyed three other unidentified flying objects over the United States and Canada. The Biden Administration is facing allegations of a lack of openness, including regarding a recent statement that the objects were not alien in nature.

Confidence in the White House to inform elected officials and the public about the current situation has diminished rapidly since the discovery of the Chinese spy balloon.

The perceived lack of trust makes pronouncements that recent objects are not extraterrestrial in nature more noticeable. Private assurances by unidentified members of the Biden Administration state that the objects cannot be explained with a public explanation yet.

The current spate of unidentified objects became even more interesting when a Pentagon official said that it could not be fully ruled out that the objects were extraterrestrial in origin.

The latest shoot down makes four objects neutralized in the previous two weeks. The first was the high-profile Chinese spy balloon discovered over Montana and shot down off the coast of South Carolina.

The second was an object over the northern expanse of Alaska. The third was over the Yukon Territory in northern Canada.

The latest came Sunday as an object that caused a closure of airspace over Montana was shot down over the Great Lakes.

Defense officials say that the neutralized objects were likely balloons. The exact origins of the objects and their flying capability are still being determined. Portions of the objects fell over ice off the coast of Alaska.

Ironically, the recent spate of unidentified flying object shootdowns comes one year after Congress reopened its investigation into mysterious aircraft. The hearings were the first of their kind in fifty years and included footage of a spherical object observed during an FA-18 fighter jet flight.

So far, the Congressional hearings last year and the recent shootdowns in 2023 are not yet linked. However, continued limited information from the White House could increase wonder over the aircraft’s origins.