Biden Administration Plans to Transport Illegal Migrants Deep Into US

The Biden administration is planning to transport illegal aliens from overwhelmed border areas to inland cities, starting with Los Angeles.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is coordinating with shelters in the destination cities to prepare them for the influx of people. In addition to Los Angeles, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Houston, and Dallas are also expected to be final destinations for the effort. More cities are also expected to be added to the list.

The program is being organized by DHS’s Southwest Border Coordination center (SBCC). The SBCC was created by the Biden Administration in response to the expected influx of illegal aliens as a result of terminating the Trump-era regulation Title 42.

Although Title 42 is still in effect while the regulation winds its way through the courts, the SBCC is handling the influx of people through the southern border. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Customs and Border Patrol all have officials at the SBCC to help assist with the Biden Administration’s new relocation program.

Internally, DHS officials have jokingly called the program the ‘Abbott Plan.’ This is in response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott busing illegal aliens from his state directly to Washington D.C. to protest President Biden’s failed immigration policies. Only 152 people were transported because of the Texas protest.

DHS has not confirmed its plan publicly yet, but multiple outlets are reporting that the decision has been made to proceed.

It is expected that the federal government will pay for the transportation, which may include flights similar to those in October of last year that sent hundreds of immigrant minors to New York as part of a DHS resettlement program. That program was also conducted in secret, with the flights occurring in the middle of the night, with no confirmation from the involved agencies.

Given that the Biden administration refuses to act to stem the tide of illegal immigration, we can expect the number of people being relocated to the country’s interior to rise. It is unknown if the migrants involved are going through any type of vetting or tracking process. There has not been any outreach to any of the impacted communities on the plan. No doubt, the plan will proceed with or without their consent.