Biden Administration Pressures American Businesses With New Climate Change Policies

Unelected Democratic lawmakers serving on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initiated a serious set of norms and rules that must now be followed.

The SEC published a notice that asked all businesses to share information regarding carbon emissions, as well as information on other possible factors that may affect the climate.

However, the Republican commissioner of the SEC, Hester Pierce, complained that the endorsement of the strict rules would be a burden on businesses and eventually affect the economy as a whole. She also argued that the SEC does not have the power to enforce these rules, as they never received any authorization from the Congress.

Pierce further said that the Congress has already proposed enough regulations that protect the market and investors.

Washington Democrats agree with the proposed set of rules that effectively forwards their agenda on climate change. The rules also require businesses to be transparent with their records, encouraging the investors and shareholders to force the businesses towards climate-friendly actions.

Political pundit, Steve Melloy, also believes such measures will require the businesses to hire separate climate auditors to ensure the company is abiding by the new measures. Essentially, more bureaucracy to hold business owners back when they’re already struggling in the uncertainty that is the Biden economy.