Biden Administration Puts On ‘Military Theater’ To Deter Our Enemies

At Kadena Airbase Okinawa in Japan, there was a giant elephant walk to show our enemies that we are a force to be counted with. You are not alone if you do not know what an “elephant walk” is. It’s when a large number of planes taxi down the runway together, sometimes to be followed by interval takeoffs in quick succession. Before we get into the geopolitical ramifications of such a move, should we not at least ask the question: A group of elephants is called a parade, so why isn’t it an elephant parade? Now, this is the type of thing that keeps me awake at night.

The show of force is ostensibly to show China that we are watching and not moving on Taiwan. Along the same vein, earlier this month, the Biden administration sent ships into the Taiwan strait for the first time. Here is the problem, does anyone think Biden will do anything other than order men and equipment around for show? It is highly likely that if China makes a move, we will impose sanctions, but it is challenging to foresee us engaging in direct conflict with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). It will be Ukraine all over again with the same results. If China invades, Taiwan will fall.

While the administration is raging up the rhetoric with China, it is trying to de-escalate tensions with Russia by standing down a nuclear missile test earlier this month. There is a definite air of mixed messaging from the President. Are we trying to look strong or show restraint? From a practical perspective, Biden has it precisely backward.

Although Russia has nuclear weapons, its military does not pose the CCP’s army’s existential threat. Some strategists are arguing that China has surpassed us in military might. We should not be afraid to highlight the possibility of force with Putin while engaging the Chinese more pragmatically. Whatever strategy Biden chooses to deploy, we must retool our military for the emerging threats it faces.