Biden Administration Switches Blame to Political Adversary

The Biden Administration has proven itself world class at one thing, blaming others for misfortunes befalling Americans.

Inflation is skyrocketing to a forty-year high and shows no signs of abating. Gas and energy prices are increasing very quickly. Both calamities have been blamed on Putin, with the White House calling it “Putin’s price hike.” They can keep saying it, but Americans have so far declined to accept this explanation.

It is not just that goods are expensive, it is also hard to get them. Supply chain issues have plagued the country since the start of Covid.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki decided to continue the blame game recently by adding another responsible party to the supply chain disruptions.

It is also convenient that the White House Press Secretary ignores inspections by the other border states. Part of the reason that Texas was singled out is that Governor Abbot started bussing illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C. to illustrate Biden’s failed immigration policies.

Governor Abbot also has not endeared himself to the administration with his signing into law the Texas heartbeat bill.

Biden’s poll numbers are plummeting. The administration is trying to reframe the narrative by its recent moves on ‘Ghost Guns’ and platitudes about reducing crime. They know that if they do not stop the bleeding and get the polls moving in the opposite direction, Biden’s days in office could be numbered. One thing that is certainly not working is blaming a governor for not fixing a president’s job.