Biden Presumptuously Insuperable The Insights Of The American Individuals

Time and time again, the 46th president has proven himself not to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Since getting into the White House as the commander in chief, Biden’s made a series of choices that transcend partisanship and merely equate to outright stupidity. 

Months ago, Biden gave a list of names to the Taliban of folks they should allow to pass through ports to exit the nation. Many Americans rightfully noted that trusting the Taliban in this nature was foolish, and Biden might as well have sentenced the names of people on the list to death. 

On Sunday, news broke that the Biden administration is mulling over the shutdown of another oil pipeline; meanwhile, the cost of gas in America is at some historic highs. 

With all the wrong choices this president’s been making, most Americans assume the last thing Biden would do is insult the public’s intelligence. However, as documented by Fox News, Biden did when pressed about the supply chain crisis he created.

The supply chain is looking at severe bottlenecks and shortages right now. Naturally, this is problematic, especially with the holiday season approaching. However, the president and his administration are more focused on getting a social spending bill through Congress, now that they’ve managed to ram through an “infrastructure” package.  

When a reporter questioned Biden about people who say he was supposed to lead steadily and cool down the temperature, he got very defensive. 

The 46th president went on this bizarre rant where he essentially declared the average American is too dumb to grasp the supply chain and how it works. Biden declared if he went to dinner and asked people at a nearby table to explain the supply chain, they wouldn’t be able to do it. 

How insulting! Yet, in Biden’s ramblings, he, himself, did not divulge the inner workings of the supply chain he understands so well. Moreover, it begs to question, if the 46th president has such a solid understanding of the nation’s supply chain, why is it still bottlenecked?

The American people do not appreciate having their intelligence insulted. Americans especially don’t appreciate it from a president who has made one bad call after the other and then pretended like everything is fine. 

Quite frankly, Biden has a lot of nerve calling into question the intelligence of the American public. This administration should fix the many messes it’s created (including the supply chain nightmare) before telling Americans what we do and do not know.