Biden Called Out For Spreading Misinformation On COVID Vaccines

Time and time again, Democrats smear Republicans, falsely declaring the latter has no regard for public health and the wellbeing of individuals. Democrats take every chance they get to declare Republicans and conservatives as anti-science maliciously.

As usual, however, left-wingers are accusing Republicans of their guilt. It is Democrats who lack regard for public health, as they seek to force people to take COVID vaccines that are increasingly being exposed for causing allergic reactions.

It is Democrats who are anti-science as they are currently attacking the CEOs of Southwest and American airlines for admitting that due to air filtration systems on planes, face coverings are not necessary.

The political left will employ any means. They’ll lie and smear their opponents while simultaneously twisting science into a weapon to get their way.

As it turns out, though, one of the biggest spreaders of misinformation regarding COVID vaccines is none other than Joe Biden himself. This week, Biden was called out for his repeated lies, as documented by Twitchy.

At this point, even the CDC has been forced to concede that getting the COVID vaccine does not bar you from spreading the virus to other people. Yet, for some reason, Biden continues to insist otherwise.

During one of Biden’s latest and most ridiculous public appearances, he went after unvaccinated individuals who value their freedom to make their own medical choices. Biden asked, “what’s a big deal” and declared unvaccinated individuals should be “patriotic” and get the jab, so they don’t spread COVID to others.

Again, seeing as getting vaccinated doesn’t stop the spread of COVID, Biden bears responsibility for spreading misinformation; it’s not his first time doing this either.

In light of the latest episode, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocey asked the White House deputy press secretary why Biden claims that getting vaccinated falsely prevents COVID transmission.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the White House didn’t have an honest answer. Instead, the deputy press secretary stated Biden believes in following science and the advice of public health officials.

The White House did not address the fact that both science and public health officials admit getting a COVID vaccine does not impede the spread of the virus.

No matter what falsehoods the White House attempts to spew, the facts are clear. If Biden were the grand champion of science that he pretends to be, he would not repeatedly lie and declare that getting vaccinated stops the spread.

Biden isn’t pro-science; he’s simply using junk science to manipulate people into doing what his handlers want. No one should take this president or his administration at face value.