Biden Calls Edison The “Guy Who Turned On Our Lights” In Prepared Speech

You would think that President Biden’s handlers would have figured out a way to keep the man on the teleprompter at all costs. In a speech at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, the president talked about the infrastructure bill that was already signed. Still, everyone has already forgotten about it, and he wandered off-script. He could not remember who Thomas Edison was, so he just called him the “guy who turned on our lights.”

There was nervous laughter from a few people in the crowd who were thinking the same thing we had all been thinking. How in the world did we end up with this man in charge of the country? Most people have gotten used to Biden flat out lying. He has been doing that for years. The electorate can handle the president challenging voters to fight on campaign stops. What has everyone on edge now is that the commander-in-chief must be walked away from reporters by his wife like he is the drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.

It is not the 90s where China is not ascendant, and Russia is still smarting from the wall’s fall. Post-pandemic 2020’s, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is getting ready to eat our lunch and Putin is making house calls on Ukraine. We need strong leadership that keeps the rest of the world guessing. Instead, we are left to think what Joe Biden will say next with the rest of the world laughing at us.

Does anyone think that it is a coincidence that Russia and China did not make any moves or noise while Trump was in office? Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact he told Putin he would hit Moscow and Xi Jinping he would hit Beijing if either leader decided to get the slightest bit squirrely. Trump appeared to be a loose cannon, essential to keep foreign leaders in check. President Biden gets lost at the White House, encouraging our enemies. With each misstep, Biden makes the United States weaker. Now it seems to happen every time the man opens his mouth and it’s only going to get worse.