Biden Calls in “Expert” to Run Cover

At this time, gas prices are many times higher than they need to be. The blame for higher gas prices lies squarely at the feet of Biden and his administration’s rejection of fossil fuels and the US energy sector.

Shutting down pipelines and leases for oil drilling last year crippled America’s energy independence, regardless of what spin the Biden administration tries to put on the situation.

Biden has the power to lower gas prices by restoring American energy independence. Instead, he would rather tap into the strategic petroleum reserve.

This is a resource meant for times of emergency in America, not times when a president refuses to let domestic energy production take place.

On Friday, the White House was questioned about gas prices still being through the roof, despite tapping the strategic petroleum reserve on multiple occasions. The Biden administration’s response to this left much to be desired, according to Twitchy.

The Latest from Biden’s Economic Adviser

During a recent press conference, a member of the Council of Economic Advisers, Jared Bernstein, joined Press Secretary Jen Psaki to run cover for the administration and the damage being done to the economy. Bernstein was pressed about the failure to alleviate the historic energy crisis, despite the unnecessary release of U.S. strategic petroleum reserves. In his response, he celebrated an incredible — and unconfirmed — reduction in gas prices by 10 cents.

Problem solved.

Psaki’s backup went on to deliver a whirlwind of rhetoric to spin the crisis in the administration’s favor. He noted that the market for oil and gas is “global” with many parts that are consistently in motion.

What the president’s economic adviser didn’t mention is the 80-cent increase in gas prices that followed Biden’s decision to tap into the strategic petroleum reserve.

So, even if everyone were to give the White House the benefit of the doubt about a 10-cent decrease in gas prices, this is still offset by the 80-cent price hike.

Friday’s remarks from Biden’s economic adviser came against the backdrop of the president himself renewing calls for Americans to use electric vehicles and embrace “clean energy.”

The Truth About Gas Prices and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

The president is not going to reduce gas prices by tapping into America’s emergency resources. If Biden keeps digging into the strategic petroleum reserve, then the country is going to be in real trouble if a real emergency does appear one day.

Aside from misusing the strategic petroleum reserve, Biden has even considered handing out free gas cards to Americans. This idea was eventually scrapped when lawmakers in Congress expressed their opposition.

The only way gas prices can decrease is if this president removes the various blocks he’s imposed against the energy sector. This means bringing back the energy independence that America enjoyed under former President Trump.