Biden Campaign Faces Backlash For Including Poll Showing Trump Leading

The Biden campaign’s recent email to supporters, aimed at rallying confidence after a difficult debate performance, has sparked controversy by including a poll that shows President Donald Trump leading Biden and other Democratic candidates. The email, sent by Deputy Campaign Manager Rob Flaherty, sought to address internal panic and reaffirm Biden’s status as the Democratic nominee.

Flaherty’s email described Biden as the clear nominee, stressing that stepping down would create turmoil and give Trump a strategic advantage. He cautioned against internal conflicts that would arise from a contested convention, saying, “If he were to drop out, it would lead to weeks of chaos, internal food fighting, and a bunch of candidates who limp into a brutal floor fight at the convention.”

The inclusion of a poll by a Democratic pollster has drawn significant attention. The poll shows Trump leading Biden by three points (48% to 45%) and similarly edging out other Democrats like Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom. The campaign used the poll to argue that no other Democratic candidate would fare better against Trump, but the move has been criticized for potentially undermining Biden’s position.

Commenting on the email, Never Trumper Bill Kristol remarked, “Panic at Biden HQ? They included a chart in their fundraising email purporting to show Biden’s the strongest candidate against Trump. It shows no such thing.”

The email also provided talking points for supporters on how to address concerns from fellow Democrats and skeptical voters, highlighting Biden’s achievements and warning against the risks of changing candidates so close to the election.