Biden Campaign Removes Tax Returns From Display

After the revelations of President Joe Biden’s classified documents, Biden’s campaign site has removed his tax returns from public display. Consequently, the Democratic National Committee has tried to excuse the removal of his tax returns.

Accusations have arisen accusing the president of failing to report thousands of dollars in rental income on his taxes.

The president’s son, Hunter Biden, reportedly claimed on a background check form that he paid his father more than $40,000 a month in rent. He paid this amount while living at his father’s Wilmington, Del., home from March 2017 to February 2018.

The Wilmington home is the same place where the president kept his classified documents stored.

However, Hunter’s 2017 tax forms illustrate that his father reported $19,800 in rental income and did not report anything in 2018.

Currently, Joe’s house is valued at over $1 million by the real estate website The estimated rental value is $7,600.

“Last summer, in the course of regular website maintenance, a couple of links to previous tax returns were broken,” DNC spokesman Ammar Moussa said.

The tax return files were unavailable since July 2022. Moussa stated, “Those links are fixed now, and we look forward to Donald Trump and every 2024 GOP aspirant releasing their own tax returns.”

The DNC’S excuse of “routine maintenance” sounds odd considering the site has not been updated since 2020.

PJ Media articulated, “There’s more than one way to kick back 10% to the big guy, and making vastly inflated rent payments is certainly one of them.” Joe Biden was dubbed the nickname “the big guy” for his overseas business dealings.

It’s entirely possible Hunter Biden wanted to give his father extra money. However, his father failed to report the earnings his son claimed to have paid. Therefore, Joe Biden lied to the Internal Revenue Service and “cheated the system.”

The Democratic party was obsessed with former president Donald Trump’s tax returns. Yet, upon release, Trump’s tax returns show a reduction in wealth.

In Biden’s case, the removal of his tax returns and the discrepancy between his son’s tax returns demonstrate a suspicion that either one of them was lying to the IRS.