Biden Can’t Quit Lying About The US Economy

At this point, the United States’ economy is on life support. Thanks to a series of spending bills that were passed last year, inflation, consumer confidence, prices, and more are all in places that are fundamentally damaging to Americans.

People are barely able to tread water, thanks to Biden’s policies. Many Americans have drained their savings accounts, if they had any savings, to begin with. Others have been forced to make severe adjustments with how they spend money due to the decreasing spending power of American dollars.

Yet, despite all this, Biden remains as oblivious as ever when it comes to the economy and the impact of his policies. As PJ Media reports, the president’s tweet made towards the end of the year shines a light on just how delusional he’s indeed become.

Days ago, Biden released a tweet in which he declared the economy’s trajectory is stronger than its been over the past five decades. He then followed up this blatantly untrue statement by calling for a continuation of the “progress” he believes stems from 2021.

The only progress to manifest in the economy is the progression of inflation getting higher and higher. Likewise, labor shortages have been progressively worse as Biden’s vaccine mandates cause more workers to leave their jobs. Let’s not also forget about the supply chain crisis getting progressively direr.

At this point, Joe Biden is willfully ignorant about the economy. This president is actively choosing to ignore all evidence of the economic struggles bringing so many challenges to the lives of everyday Americans.

Then again, no one should be surprised. Biden is the same president who admitted that he stopped reviewing his approval ratings after they sunk past a certain point. Why should we expect him to listen to people suffering because of his policies and bills?

At this point, getting Congress out of the hands of Democrats is the only hope of fixing our nation’s economy. If Democrats continue to hold Congress, they will keep passing the very same spending bills that are hurting the economy.

All roads lead to November. November is the one-shot this country has to make the right call and vote Republicans back into the Senate and House majorities. If this happens, America’s economy can finally begin to recover and heal from all the damage Biden has inflicted upon it.