Biden ‘Cares Deeply’ About The Ukraine Border

For what seems like years now, our main geopolitical adversary Russia (at least according to the mainstream media), has threatened to plunge the world into chaos. It has massed over 100,000 troops (about the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum) at its western border with Ukraine. It has transported medical supplies, including blood supplies, to the ‘front.’ Blood supplies mean war, or so they say. Forget that medical supplies are logistically needed whenever you get an army hanging around, regardless of if they move somewhere or not.

Putin could very well invade Ukraine. The big question is, why is the Administration obsessed with borders suddenly? Ukraine is a tiny country with a tiny economy and has been historically corrupt. It is unclear what geopolitical interest the United States has embroiled in the region. If recent history is any indicator, we are not particularly good at this. Afghanistan anyone?

It is unlikely the US would engage in direct conflict with Russia. President Biden inadvertently let this slip with his infamous ‘minor incursion’ statements. It has not stopped the Administration from ramping up the propaganda war. State Department Ned Price recently got into an exchange with an AP (Associated Press) reporter when he suggested that Russia engage in a false flag operation to justify an invasion with Ukraine. No proof was provided other than Mr. Price saying ineffective, “Because I said so.”

Whatever the reason for the sudden interest in preserving nation-states, it seems as if the Administration is shedding crocodile tears over Ukraine’s sovereignty, given that it has completely ignored the southern border of the United States. If borders were so vital to them, why are they allowing millions of people to enter the country without vetting?

From a practical point of view, this will have much more far-reaching consequences than an incursion into Ukraine. Yet somehow, we are fed a nightly diet of the importance of protecting every democracy’s border. Every democracy except for the United States, that is.