Biden Claims Trip To Saudi Arabia Will Not Involve Energy Policy

The Biden administration is in the midst of planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, but the president claims it is for security talks in the region and not related to oil.

The United States is in the middle of the worst energy crisis in 40 years, so it strains credulity that the topic would not be on the agenda of any talks.

Saudi Arabia had previously rebuffed the administration’s efforts to have OPEC produce more oil, but recently changed its policy. If Russia’s production of oil begins to fall as a result of sanctions, the kingdom is prepared to move September’s planned production up to meet demand.

The Biden administration previously tried to court dictators such as Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro. Officials explored the idea of easing sanctions on the country to increase oil production; So far, however, that deal has not born fruit.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are on the brink of closer ties. This development is in response to the growing threat of Iran, which has allied itself closely with Russia and China.

All of these issues will be tackled by the American delegation when the trip happens. But don’t expect it to help President Biden’s sinking poll numbers. Inflation is the number one concern for Americans, surpassing the coronavirus.

Although the president has tried to blame everyone else for rising gas prices, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and the energy companies themselves, voters are placing the responsibilities on his shoulder. If he does not score a win on energy soon, Biden will find his tenure in tatters.