Biden Continues Embarrassing Himself Amid Fallout With Sen. Joe Manchin

Biden very much wants to get his latest spending proposal, the Build Back Better Act, passed through Congress. However, the problem for the 46th president is that he does not have the votes to pass this terrible spending bill through Congress.

Earlier this week, Sen. Joe Manchin confirmed to the nation that he would not be voting for the Build Back Better Act. It means that 50 GOP senators and at least one Democrat senator oppose the legislation.

The White House and its progressive acolytes have been seething over this. Following Manchin’s announcement, the White House put out a public statement, accusing the West Virginia lawmaker of walking back prior promises he made to ultimately back the president’s agenda.

It’s very much obvious that Joe Biden is embarrassed by Manchin’s refusal to provide a crucial vote. On Tuesday, the 46th president tried to lessen this embarrassment by spreading new lies about Manchin. However, this only made things worse for Biden, as RedState confirms.

During a press conference, Biden was asked about the talks that have since fallen apart with Manchin regarding the Build Back Better Act.

According to Biden, the West Virginia Democrat publicly admitted to “misleading” members of his party regarding his stance on the spending proposal. The 46th president later followed up this falsehood by declaring that he and Manchin would wind up getting “something” finished in the end.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the White House had to swoop in to clean up this flagrant lie from the president. Shortly after Biden’s remarks about Manchin, the White House stated that Biden desired to “clarify” that the senator did not say that he “misled” anybody.

If Biden will lie about this, there’s no telling what else he’d lie about. Already, Biden and his administration have been caught in several falsehoods about the Build Back Better Act, namely the untrue claim that it won’t cost middle America any money or add a penny to the national deficit.

During a radio interview in West Virginia this week, the Democrat lawmaker made it clear that he cannot be bullied or pushed around.

Manchin stated that the Biden White House assumed he’d be easy to persuade since he’s merely one person. The senator then went on to say that despite what D.C. Democrats may think he’s not a person who can be pressured into submission and blindly going along with what other people want.

It appears this is a lesson that Biden has yet to learn.