Biden Exposes Cue Card Instructing His Every Move

In language that Dr. Seuss would find simplistic, President Joe Biden carried a cue card into a Thursday meeting with energy executives and cabinet members detailing how he should act. Unfortunately for the administration, the chief executive flashed the paper for cameras to see.

The most powerful man in the world had a list of eight specific instructions to follow. They included “YOU take YOUR seat,” “YOU give brief comments,” and “YOU depart.”

There is no great rush to invoke the 25th Amendment as Democrats constantly harped on every time former President Trump posted a tweet. But the President of the United States occupies a deadly serious position, and being led around like a child is not a comforting image.

The White House increasingly needs a cabinet secretary whose sole responsibility is to walk back from Biden’s gaffes. Mistaking one person for another may be amusing, and tumbling from a bicycle is a quite human experience.

However, making false policy declarations concerning Russia and China during wartime are not laughing matters. Biden in the past few months openly called for “regime change” in Russia and threw four decades of Taiwan policy out of the window.

Both utterances shocked his own State Department.

Leftists, including former Obama official Stephanie Beechem, defended the crib note for Biden. She explained that it is normal for leaders to get outlines and a sequence of events for them to follow in their busy schedules.

The White House added that these notes are standard practice for politicians and officials at gatherings.

This is true, in a sense. All professionals at one time or another have an itinerary, schedule, event calendar, etc. Everything from corporate board meetings to ceremonies and banquets have schedules, nothing new here.

However, the striking part of this visual is not that such a card existed. The frankly unsettling aspect of this presidential slip is the childlike simplicity of instructions someone felt necessary to spell out for him. “YOU depart” is entirely different from saying the meeting is adjourned.

Older Americans well remember when the left exploded in shock when then-President Reagan was given a verbal cue from first lady Nancy to answer a question. The president is “too old,” “disconnected,” and “out of touch.”

This president not only needs the most simplistic instructions to function in a meeting, but wants American voters to choose him again TWO YEARS from now. Is this really the best we can do?