Biden Fails Wildly In Trying To Promote $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Law

Earlier this week, Biden claimed victory as he signed another spending bill to the tune of $1.2 trillion into law. This spending bill comes as the United States economy struggles wildly with inflation, supply shortages, labor shortages, and more.

With inflation being in its current state, the last thing America needs to be doing is spending more money. What adds insult to injury is that barely any of this legislation centers around clean infrastructure projects like bridges, roads, etc.

Nevertheless, with this bill signed into law, the 46th president is now promoting this among the American people. Yet, as Red State points out, Biden’s attempted promotion is again missing the mark.

On Wednesday, the president declared his faux infrastructure law would allow Americans to charge electric vehicles at various ports throughout the nation. Biden also claimed this would somehow create jobs for electrical workers.

There are several things wrong with this. For starters, America is nowhere near on track to driving electric vehicles. Therefore, wasting taxpayer dollars on charging ports for electric vehicles is a nonstarter. Despite how much Biden loathes the energy sector, oil and gas are still necessities for transportation.

Secondly, Biden also seems not to grasp that electricity comes from fossil fuels. Meanwhile, the president is responsible for carrying out an all-out war against the fossil fuel industry.

His agenda to use taxpayer dollars to fuel his dream of everyone using electric cars is a joke. If this president were serious about building back better, he’d be lowering taxes so more Americans can keep their hard-earned money to support themselves and feed their families.

Biden’s plan, which he has titled Build Back Better, has not lived up to its name. The only thing the president is building is national security threats, a growing mortality rate of U.S. service members, higher energy prices, and inflation.

As unfortunate as this is, Biden wouldn’t know what was “better” for America if it was staring him right in the face. This president continues to demonstrate his utter disconnect from where Americans are and what Americans need.

He’s not focusing on the issues that matter to the public either. Most folks are not thinking about electric cars or even infrastructure. They’re wondering how they’re going to afford to keep their homes warm this winter or stock their refrigerators with food.

Missing the mark is par for the course for Joe Biden. Yet, in this situation, he ought to be ashamed of himself.