Biden Gets Mocked For Use Of Stage Set, But It Raises Bigger Questions

Biden has recently been busted for using a movie-like set, a replication of the Oval Office for his televised and other recorded transmissions such as the one recently aired of him getting a Covid-19 booster shot and other times for delivering speeches that generally he should be delivered in the White House and not in some set just across from the White House. 

The fake set of the Oval Office has been set up in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. But the central question arises, why does the President of the United States feel the need to record his public addresses in a fake office right across from the White House. Is he no longer allowed in the White House, or is there anything else we don’t know about? He has been mocked widely for using the fake by various personalities like Benny Johnson, Jack Posobiec, Kimberly Morin, and Senator Josh Hawley. They have all raised the obvious question, “Why does Biden need a fake office to address the whole of America.” 

We have our speculations, and former Trump official Stephen Miller seems to have answered them. The explanation he gave for why the Trump Administration was now making greater use of the fake office is because it allows him to read the script from the monitor and without the help of a teleprompter glass that can easily be detected on the screen. If we connect the dots, Miller’s tweet makes sense. Biden has had trouble reading from the teleprompter, and quite honestly, the 78-year-old President can make use of all the help he can get. Not to forget when his staffers had to barge in and rescue him from the audience’s questions which is why he has a set.