Biden Gets ‘Played’ By Putin In The Ukraine Game

The Biden Administration has been escalating the rhetoric around the Russian build-up of troops for months. In recent weeks, the messaging has gone to a fever pitch. The State Department evacuated its embassy, and President Biden told Americans they would not be rescued if caught in a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

It has been evident to anyone paying attention that the United States would be very reluctant to directly involve itself in any conflict due to a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Biden himself let the cat out of the bag weeks ago with the, and I am paraphrasing here, “We would be fine with a teen-tiny incursion Vlad.” Putin knows that the citizens of America do not have the political will for another armed conflict after 20 years in the middle east and the disastrous withdrawal of Afghanistan fresh in their minds.

Furthermore, Russia has been working hard to make its economy resistant to US sanctions. In its close dealings with China recently, but more importantly, its strategic move of making Europe reliant upon its energy exports. The EU (European Union) has been foolishly rushing headlong into unreliable green technologies that have made it more dependent on Russia’s energy, not less. Germany especially has been reluctant to apply pressure on Russia because of the gains made on the Nord Stream Pipeline, which will keep Germans from freezing to death in the winter.

Biden, for his part, has been oblivious to all these factors hoping to wag the dog to help his abysmal polling. Kamala Harris is the only active politician with worse polling numbers than Biden. The Administration went as far as to leak an actual day for the invasion to the press, February 16, 2022. Even the Russians were trolling them for it.

Reports are starting to come in that Putin has withdrawn his forces, but he has achieved what he wanted. Torpedoing any hope of Ukraine joining NATO without a shot fired. Biden and his people created the table for war, but nobody showed up. Now they are stuck with the reality that incredibly, they are somehow less credible than they were a month ago if that is even possible. The United States cannot handle much more of Biden’s statesmanship.