Biden Has Another Trick Up His Sleeve To Fearmonger Over COVID

For the Democrats, COVID is the goose that lays the golden egg. The Democrat Party wants to keep Americans fearful, alienated from others, and looking up to the almighty government for answers and permission.

They first said that COVID vaccines were necessary to stop the virus. Fast forward to the present day, and the vaccines do not prevent infection or spread. They don’t stop one from catching the omicron or delta strain of the virus. Furthermore, some people have died from this virus despite being fully vaccinated.

As time passes, more people have decided they’re not going to stop living their lives because of this virus. Well, as Democrats are eager to get as much more power and control over others as they can by using COVID, they won’t back down without a fight.

It is why Joe Biden is planning to deliver an address on Tuesday to talk about the omicron strain of COVID, as Twitchy confirms.

Last week, Biden declared that this winter would be sickness and death for individuals who are not vaccinated against COVID.

Meanwhile, Biden didn’t mention the adverse side effects that many recipients of the immunization are suffering. He also didn’t say that omicron is a very mild version of COVID. It’s also a version ironically materializing in vaccinated individuals rather than the unvaccinated.

When Biden speaks on Tuesday, the country can expect more of what we’ve already seen from him: fearmongering, lies, and misinformation. The 46th president falsely claims that the COVID vaccine will not spread to other individuals.

However, this has been proven untrue multiple times. Even the CDC admits that COVID vaccination doesn’t prevent someone from spreading the virus. The truth is that there are no guarantees, vaccinated or not.

It is vital for Americans not to succumb to fear, regardless of what venom comes from Biden on Tuesday. This sorry excuse of a president will say whatever he can for as long as he can to try to exert control.

It is what Democrats do. Look no further to the fascist means Democrats across the nation have employed in the name of stopping COVID. Meanwhile, the same individuals pushing these mandates have broken their own rules so often that it’s impossible to keep track.

Enough is enough. Americans must hold the line, no matter what the President says on Tuesday.