Biden Has Damaged His Relationship With Border Patrol

Since Joe Biden got into the White House, the work of U.S. Border Patrol officials has gotten much harder.

The timeline of Biden’s presidency tracks with a progressive rise of more illegal immigrants coming to the border. To say border agents aren’t equipped to deal with these massive upticks would be an understatement.

Months ago, the Biden administration made things even more contentious for Border Patrol officials after accusing them of whipping Haitian migrants.

As it turned out, agents were not whipping migrants, but rather they were using reins on horseback to physically steady themselves and manage the horses.

The Biden administration hasn’t gotten around to apologizing to border agents, though. The White House also hasn’t walked back its promise to punish these officials, despite their innocence.

Now, Border Patrol officials are confirming they have no confidence left in Biden whatsoever.

A Sad State of Affairs
Border Patrol agents recently spoke with the Daily Caller concerning the morale of workers on the job.

In a nutshell, these officials do not approve of the federal government’s refusal to acknowledge their innocence regarding the encounters with Haitian migrants.

Now, Border Patrol officials at various levels do not believe the Biden administration will have their backs, even if they do their jobs just as they’re supposed to.

Many agents in this field are just exasperated with what the job has become under the current administration. Retirement numbers are likewise increasing as workers seek a way out.

To this day, Border Patrol agents are facing “unsafe conduct” and “poor judgment” charges, in spite of being proven innocent. Suffice it to say, there is little motivation for these officials to want to keep working, given the current climate and leadership.

Strong Support From Everyday Americans
While the Biden administration is not showing support for the men and women working on the southern border, the opposite is true of the American public.

Nationwide, everyday people have come out in support of border agents, acknowledging the importance of the work they do. Americans have also demanded the Biden administration to not only issue an apology to officials, but also to secure the border.